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The song is titled “Surmeli Vai” and the dancers dance while playing the little raki/ouzo shot glasses, instead of cymbals. The dance is named as antikrystos, i.e. karsilama, but it is 4/4 and not 9/7. Antikrystos is the dance who is dance “opposite to”, i.e. in pairs. The dancing very similar to the tsifteteli of Izmir and to the Ikonio/Konya dances.

Researcher: Yorgos Melikis.

Music band: Sokratis Sinopoulos, Panos Dimitrakopoulos, Stratis Psaradellis, Vaggelis Karypis, Katerina Papadopoulou.

It is not clear who the dancers are.

Dance editor: Theofilos Filippou.

Dance teacher: Maria Valavani.


Thanks to Maria (see her comment below) that some information has been further retrieved about the video.