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This clip is from a comedy movie (1970) integrating all orientalist themes in just one story. The protagonist is a poor woman who tries to make a living in many ways, one of them is pretending to be a medium and fortune-teller. Having being exposed for this fraud she and her family try to flee Rhode island by private plane but instead they end up in a small kingdom in Arabic Peninsula. There they are all arrested and the women are forced to become members of the Emir’s harem. Rena Vlahopoulou who is the leading actress performs at 37:00 bellydance, after having failed to persuade the Emir that she is ridiculous in this costume and that she does not know how to dance and that she would better be assigned to cook something delicious for him. The funny thing is that she knows and part of the role is to dance as if she does not!

Before her, the harem dancers also dance (around 33:00), but this is a choreography which reveals the orientalist themes but not oriental dance itself. At around 45:00 there is one more bellydance where men are bellydancing too dressed as women to avoid being caught as fugutives from the Emir’s jail.