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The movie has been removed from youtube (and we are still hoping that it will be re-posted), so the only clip is the one with the bellydancing, and this is not fully featured here.


The movie has a lot of music that is bellydanceable and the costumes are what we call today tribal and tribal fusion. However, there is a real tsifteteli sequence at 37:58 performed by Aina Mauer. Bellydancing is one of the weapons women use against men. [Women, according to the play storyline, under the leadership of Lysistrate have occupied Acropolis and demand that war is over all over Greece].

Karsilama is earlier than that, at 7.30, where women are lamenting telling funny jokes how they suffer from the lack of men’s company because the latter are away for war. It is performed by all women, Tzeni Karezi included.